Old School Labs  I love their preworkout and some of their other supplements.  I like that the preworkout is a 2 stage release and it doesn't make me all jittery.  And it doesn't hurt my stomach which is a big plus since a lot of this stuff hurts my stomach since I started eating clean.  www.oldschoollabs.com

T-Nation  I like this website. It has a lot of good information on workouts and information about different workout related topics.  Check it out!  www.t-nation.com


KETTLEBELLS  I like to incorporate kettlebells into my workouts.  You can find them just about anywhere.  Also you can find kettlebell workout routines as well.


SOCKS!!  I love the quality of Sock It To Me socks.  I usually order mine on www.amazon.com.      www.sockittome.com

Convict Conditioning  I know it sounds crazy but it is one awesome bodyweight conditioning program.  Any age can do it and very minimal equipment is required.  You can probably find all that you need at your neighborhood park.  Here's a link to the book.

Foam Rollers rock!  Here's one I like.  Make sure to get a high density one. There is a ton of info on the web about foam rollers.

Coconut Manna is delicious!  Try it in your smoothies!!!  Here's a link to the one I like.

Whole30 Program  I am a HUGE supporter of this program.  I have done quite a few of them and it has changed my health and my life.  If you have any health issues including allergies, eczema, skin irritations, stomach problems, blood pressure issues, cholesterol, etc. YOU NEED TO COMMIT TO 30 DAYS!!  It's truly the best thing you can do for yourself.  Here's a link to their page to get started and to get more info.

For sore muscles, here's a great anti-inflammatory cream!  I can't say enough great things about it.  It really does work.  I use it with my Biofreeze or my essential oil cream.  It rocks!!!

ETSY STUFF  Want some cool items?  Check out this Etsy store. Here's the link:  https://origamibyjames.etsy.com

Wrist Wraps  A lot of people like the wrist wraps to stabilize the wrists when lifting.  I am one of those people.  These are the ones I have.  Click here.

Thrive Market  This is a pretty good place to get healthy foods.  You will have to purchase a membership but the prices are very good.  I think they do a free 30 days trial period though.  Here's the link.

Ghee  This is my butter replacement.  It is clarified butter but better for you.  In fact, it is stronger than the watered down butter so you don't need as much.  I love the Tava Himalayan Sea Salt one but it is hard to find right now and this one is a good substitute.  I have tried many brands though and they seem to most all taste the same.

Pure Pump and Post Pump  These are great if you are eating super clean and don't want any added things that are necessary.  Mix them with water or the drink of your choice and drink!  You can order and see it here.