It has taken me a long time to evolve to this level.  I used to feel like something was wrong with me.  I would think "Why am I feeling so isolated?  Why don't I want to join the workout 'cults' with all of my other friends and have groups of people to motivate and encourage me?  Is there something wrong with me?"  Then one day it dawned on me.  I don't need anyone to hold me accountable anymore.  I hold myself accountable.  I do the research and put my workouts together.  I follow through and track my progress.  I don't need a coach or instructor.  I do all that myself by self-regulating.

I know what you're thinking.  What about a workout buddy then?  I've tried that too but either they don't want to work as hard as me (which slows me down and frustrates the mess out of me) or they don't show up.  So you waste your time waiting on them to show up and then you end up doing the workout alone anyway.  So now I have the ultimate workout buddy that doesn't disappoint--my music.  If only it could spot me too....But as long as I charge it, it works!  So I jam on and get my workout on at my own pace.  Call me a loner--I no longer feel shamed by it.  In fact, it makes me feel empowered!  Workout loners unite! (individually, by ourselves, with our headsets on, in the same gym...)

A Self-Confessed Workout Loner



You get up at WHAT time???


Now, before you go thinking I'm a selfish prick that doesn't play well with others, I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due.  I have had many inspirational people in my life who motivated me.   I think you have to first have someone motivate you before you can be self motivated when it comes to working out.  In college, my neighbors Marc, Andy and Dan all dragged me to the college gym and so I trained with them, doing whatever workout they did.  Then I continued on my own during the summer session and when I was home on break.  I looked pretty great back then.  My muscles were defined and I thought I was pretty healthy.  The problem was that while I looked toned, my eating was crap.  So of course, when life got in the way and I got busy, the workouts stopped and I got fluffy again.  Then my friends were all partiers so I definitely was not working out then. 

Fast forward to my 30's.  I had 2 c-sections with my pregnancies and then it was all downhill from there.  I reasoned that I would always have that fat due to my surgeries, so I allowed myself to be comfortable with it!  Fortunately, I worked with Stephanie who was doing a boot camp so I joined in.  That was truly the kick in the butt I needed.  The trainer Alison was wonderfully motivating in a firm way.  She even got me to get up at 4 AM.  If you had told me I'd be getting up at 4 AM ON PURPOSE I'd have socked you and called the psych ward to come pick you up.  But there it is.

I went at it pretty hard and then injured my shoulder and fell off the wagon.  Thankfully, one day at the soccer fields my friend Danielle asked me about going to the gym so once more I set my alarm clock and got up to go to the gym.  I haven't looked back since.  And while she decided to do her own thing also, I was happy because it allowed me to really focus on me again.  I am a constant project and I am under construction, every day of the week, mentally and physically! 

Bottom line:  Worry about yourself and don't let your own progress/growth hinge on others.

Ever have a difficult decision to make but you know you have to do it anyway?  These are my Monday musings. I’m not sure if you’re like me but I sometimes use my gym time to work out other challenges in my life. It helps me focus on the task that I need to do and come up with solutions. Surely I am not the only one?  Sometimes it helps me with my reps. Sometimes I work out frustrations over areas of my life that I can’t control. My gym time is essential to my mental health. How about you?  Happy Monday and get out there and do something!


Go to the pool

For years, I have attended conferences and vacations and get so busy with coming and going that I neglect my very basic needs: sleep, nutrition, hydration and peace.  I’ve always made excuses that I didn’t want to go to the pool because I didn’t want to put on my swim suit or I didn’t want to go through all the trouble coming back in wet. Sometimes it was because I didn’t want to take the time to go when I had so many other things to do. After having cancer, I have learned to rest, take naps, and go to the pool. Even if it’s to go enjoy your coffee to start your day. For 15 minutes or two hours. Take the downtime. We sure do need more downtime in our lives with all the busyness of the day. Take time to appreciate the sunrise or sunset. Or bask in the afternoon rays. Enjoy the sound of the water flowing or the peace of a quiet nap under the covers. Don’t wait until you’re skinnier, or have more time. Go to the pool now. Enjoy that time now because you may not get it later. ❤️

Summer is here and everyone is always talking about their summer body. In reality, we should be striving for a healthy body year round. It’s realistic to maintain the cycle of hot bod/winter bod. Healthy eating and a fitness routine is key in maintaining your health. I am not a personal trainer nor any kind of expert in the field. Anyone with any common sense knows this. Why is it so hard to put it into action? How about we aim for healthy every day?  I’m working on this all the time. Want to join me?  Have a good Sunday and…do something!

Life Happens--5/9/22
A lot can happen in a short time. It really makes you realize how much you don’t know. As you know, the gym is my refuge. It’s my therapy. I read through older entries as I update the website and I realize how much that is true. The Workout Loner is dedicated to the gym. She doesn’t always do a great job updating the blog though. 

The last few years have been rough. I think we can all say that. So many things have happened especially COVID. My gym shut down like everyone else’s but your girl adapted!  We met at a local friend’s garage and did strength training. We walked the neighborhood. But I was also dealing with something more. You see, in 2019, I got the worst news I could personally imagine: breast cancer. It was an aggressive type and required chemotherapy and then a double mastectomy to treat. That was devastating. 

I decided that I was going to stay active as possible throughout treatment because I needed that “therapy” to make it through. I plugged along, showed up when I felt able, even if I could only do the bike for 15 minutes. The gym helped me get through that awful part of my life but I do have a point to this story:  do something!  I have shared that before. Do anything. Stay active. Keep busy. The gym helped keep me from totally losing my sanity. I had already lost my hair. I had already lost my dignity. But I had to keep my sanity. 

Looking back, it reminds me that we are all going through different things in life at different times. Where I was 3 years ago is very different from now. Chemotherapy shoved me into menopause and my metabolism is crap. But I still show up. I still try to eat healthy. I am rebuilding what cancer stole from me. And I will continue to show up. 

Look friend, I don’t know your circumstances. Financial difficulties and can’t afford your local gym?  You can workout at home and walk/run in your neighborhood or find a friend to work out with. Time is an issue?  Get up earlier and get your workout in before work/school/other obligations. Yes I know. It’s early. But if you do it for one month, your body will get in the habit. Or walk at lunch. Pick a few days during the week. Get a home video. I’ve done all of that. Find what works for you. But do something. And remember we are all going through something, so try to be extra nice to the people in your gym and around you. You never know what they are going through and maybe for them it is their therapy as well.  Have a blessed day workout loners!  

It's a question I get often.  Working out is important to me.  I take it very seriously.  And though I'm not "training" for anything, I am working to improve myself.  And I'm busy.  I work full time owning my own business, volunteer with youth sports, and participate in many other organizations and community events.  Everyone's busy.  I get it.  But I am not too busy to take care of myself.  Therefore I get up early to hit the gym to get my workout in.  If it is important to you, you will find a way to commit to get it done.  Now, I'm not telling you to get up early and work out.  Just get up and work out.  Or go after work or school.  Or at lunch.  It doesn't matter.  Just get some exercise.  And there have been days when I only had 20 minutes.  I did it anyway.  You have to make yourself a priority.  And your health IS a priority.  If you aren't functioning well, then you can't take care of others.

Bottom Line:  DO SOMETHING.  Your body will thank you.

My mother in law once told me something that seemed so profound to me.  She said she "eats to live, not lives to eat."  I was so amazed.  Such a simple principle but so difficult to embrace.  I have struggled my whole life to master that one very simple principle.  I struggle daily.  A few years ago my very good friend Dawn told me she was doing a Whole30.  That was a very strict 30 day eating plan to clean out your body of toxins and inflammatory food sources.  It seemed extreme to me.  So I fully embraced it head on.  I knew it was time to make a big change.  A previous detox program had rid me of my insomnia that had plagued me for years.  I literally lived on Tylenol PM to help me sleep because I couldn't get my brain to shut down at the end of the day.  When I began the Whole30 I was having plantar fasciitis issues that had bothered me for a year.  Basically the Whole30 program cuts out sugar, grains, MSG, soy, dairy, gluten, etc.  The goal is to eat very clean without processed chemicals and other inflammatory foods.  It seems hard but I am on my 6th one and it has gotten much easier every time.  And on my 2nd or 3rd one my foot felt better. 

So I get it.  Food is fuel.  It is meant to give us energy.  You wouldn't put crappy fuel into your car and expect your motor to work well long term.  You shouldn't expect your body to function at 100% if you are eating crap. 

So there's the basic principle for eating:  Don't eat crap.  Take care of yourself.

I always wonder what people listen to at the gym while they are working out.  Are they listening to rap, old school, classical music, pop, country, Christian music, etc?  I don't do well without music.  And my playlist is varied!  I have a little bit of all of the above in my playlist.  It all depends on what mood I am in that day and what I'm doing.  I also have this desire to dance and sing on a song I especially like.  So I have to check myself if I'm at the gym.  That's also another reason that I struggle with workout videos--typically their background music is horrible.  And I need to hear what they're saying so headphones are typically out. 

Bottom Line:  Whatever your soundtrack is, make it yours!  Or if you like quiet, then own that too.